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Our vision is to help nonprofit organizations increase their impact by providing access to Asana’s most valuable assets — our technology and our people.

Asana Advisors is our nonprofit customer enablement program that connects Asana Nonprofit Discount recipients (our technology discount program) with Asana's expert employees. As an advisor, you’ll collaborate on projects with nonprofit customers to help them achieve success with Asana.

We're looking for Asana employees that can allocate a few hours a month to help nonprofit customers solve critical needs and work more efficiently with Asana. Sessions with customers are one hour each.

Review the following criteria to see if joining Asana Advisors is the right opportunity for you:

  • You’re interested in sharing your Asana knowledge with nonprofit organizations
  • You can allocate a couple of hours a month to volunteer
  • You’re currently in a customer-facing role or willing to complete Asana Advisor training
  • You’re comfortable assisting nonprofit customers via a one-hour phone call or video conference
  • You can commit to keeping your Asana Advisor profile current, responding to customer requests within 3 business days, and providing exceptional experiences for our nonprofit customers

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"Asana Advisors aligns our mission to help humanity thrive with the work of our nonprofit customers that do good in the world. I'm so lucky that I get to use my professional skills as an advisor to help!" Lily Guy, Asana Best Practices. New York, New York, United States